Remember the old days...years...ago...when Christians knelt by each other and prayed together; prayed for each other, that somehow God would intervene in the lives of the lost souls that they had witnessed to. Yes, sowing in tears thousands have been harvested.

At Bible Baptist we still have this goal as the heart-beat of our mission. Every Wednesday night Christians meet together to pray side by side, while learning the truths and depths of God's Word. It is such a joy to be challenged from the Word of God with special studies.

Let us take this opportunity to invite you to Bible Baptist Church's Wednesday night prayer meeting. We know it will be a blessing to you!


Our chapel - where services are held on Wednesday Evening

Upcoming Events

  • September 21

    6:30 PM

    Are you tired of fighting those struggles in your life? We invite you to come to H.O.P.E. and give them to Christ. Are you one that just wants to grow in Christ? Come learn more with H.O.P.E. This is a Bible based program used to enhance your life in Christ.

  • September 24

    Sunday School
    10:00 AM

    Sunday School is a time where we can grow as Christians. We have classes for all ages and invite you to come to Sunday School at 10:00 AM.

    Morning Worship
    10:50 AM

    It is truly an honor to be able to praise our Lord in our worship service. As the first worship service of the week, we meet together and sing praises to the Lord, and have a message from our pastor, Rev. Terry Chick. We would like for you to join us as we worship together at 10:50 AM.

    Evangelistic Service
    6:00 PM

    Just like Sunday morning, Sunday evening is a worship service also. We would like to invite you to learn with us through our special study by our pastor, Rev. Terry Chick, starting at 6:00 PM.

  • September 26

    Church Visitation
    7:00 PM

    Although visitation goes on throughout the week, we meet together as a church at 7:00 PM to reach the city of Enid for the cause of Christ.

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