A vision for the Enid area was planted in the heart of Bro. Wayne Imboden in 1937. A couple years later, Bible Baptist Church was started. April 1939 showed to be the start of something great! Here we are now, 80 years later, and the same message and vision remains: to serve our God through old fashion hymns, stewardship and the preaching of the wonderful Word of God. This heartbeat has gone on through three Pastors, with Rev. Terry Chick serving as our fourth Pastor in our 80 year history. 


Over the last 80 years, God blessed with many souls being saved and baptized. We have had the privilege of seeing and supporting Preachers and Missionaries sent out of our Church, starting works around the United States and the world. While we love what has happened in the past, we look forward to our 80th Anniversay knowing, if we do our part, God will continue to bless His work here in Enid. We have been rooted in God, making us 80 years long and 80 years strong. 


If you are looking for a church that loves singles to families, and babies to senior adults, Bible Baptist is where you will want to be. Our desire is to live by a Godly vision and not circumstances, as we strive to reach Enid and the world for the cause of Christ. We are waiting for you to walk through the front doors to worship with us. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, as we assure you, you will not find a friendlier or more loving Church in the world. come join us Sundays at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, then again Wednesday evening at 7:00. We will be looking for you!